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-The only way to secure your place at the festival and the hotel is to select your favorite ambassador.

Lindy Maya Fest ambassadors are the only ones who can give you access to hotel room reservations and festival passes at group promotion prices. 


The ambassadors will help you with the entire registration and registration process for the festival, they can give you more information about the festival, advise you at all times, find roommates, solve problems, easily modify reservations, follow up and the best part, offer you the best discounts for your hotel + festival check-in making it easier and cheaper to attend Lindy Maya.

Traveling with a group is also more fun.


All ambassadors have rooms at the headquarters hotel at super prices to distribute among their students and followers. 

Registration Process:

1- Contact your ambassador or click below in their name and make the 1st deposit: To secure your spot at the festival, you must contact the ambassador or click in their name bellow and pay a $100 USD deposit per person as an advance for the festival pass.

2- Fill out the registration form: Once the deposit is made, please continue to fill out the registration form to complete all reservation details, such as personal information, room category, occupancy type (single, double, or triple), check-in and check-out dates, and festival plan type (silver or gold).

3- Invoice, confirmation, and 2nd payment: The Lindy Maya organization will contact you to follow up on the registration form and confirm all reservation details. An invoice for the second payment will be sent, along with deadlines, ensuring the room rate. Room allocations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis as the second payment is received.

4- Follow-up and 3rd payment at the hotel counter: We will remain in contact to ensure that your reservation is handled correctly and to address any modifications or additions you wish to make according to terms and conditions. The remaining balance of your payment will be made directly upon arrival at the hotel.

5-If you have any questions, you can talk or chat with us.

Atención al cliente

Alejandra Orozco y Luciano Brigante

Directores del Festival/ Lindy Ambassadors

Andrea Gordon & Ben White

Lindy Ambassadors

Jamie Vargo & Carl Linder

Vargos Dance Studio

Lindy Ambassadors

Mark & Katie Kihara

Swing it Seattle

Lindy Ambassadors

Tim Collins & Ruchi Aviles Directores Artisticos

Lindy Ambassadors

Joshua Mclean & Grace Anne Durant

Lindy Ambassadors

Heather & Jens

Lindy Ambassadors

City Dance Studio

Shesha Marvin with Atomic Ballroom

Lindy Ambassador

Elaine Buchignani & Stefan Huynh 

Lindy Ambassadors

Swing Dance SCT


Lindy Ambassadors

Eduardo Mercado

Lindy Ambassador

Contacta a cualquiera de tu embajadores para regístrarte en esta aventura

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