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Lindy Maya Fest


Lindy & Balboa DJ/ more to be confirmed

Tim Collins
Tim Collins

Today I present to you one of the coolest DJs in the swing scene, the incredibly talented "Swingin' Collins"!

Born on a full moon night in the jazz city, this rhythm-loving feline grew up surrounded by vinyl records and saxophone solos. From a very young age, he knew that his destiny was to bring swing music to the masses in CDMX.

With his fedora hat and two-tone shoes, "Swingin' Collins" has won the hearts of all those who love the sound of big band and joyful dance steps. His impeccable mixes of swing classics with the latest trends in electronic music make people move and sweat until dawn.

This rhythm cat is not only a DJ, but also a great swing dancer.


When he's not in the booth, you can find him on the dance floor, jumping and spinning to the beat of the music he himself spins. And watch out! Because if he sees you standing in the corner, he'll probably drag you onto the dance floor and make you dance like never before.

If you're looking for a night of partying and fun in the style of the 1940s, "Swingin' Collins" is your man. So put on your best dancing shoes and get ready for a never-ending night of swing with this jazz cat. You won't regret it!

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Eduardo Mercado


Lalo Mercado, a distinguished DJ and swing dancer from the Mexico City community, has earned a reputation for his ability to select tunes that inspire dancers. His passion for music and dance drives him to curate a musical library that blends swing classics and hidden gems of Rhythm and Blues, helping to create a magical atmosphere on the dance floor.

With his ability to read the energy of the dance floor, he adapts his selections to maintain the excitement and connection between couples, with moments of energetic bursts. He has left his mark on festivals, competitions, and themed nights, earning the affection of the swing community and creating rhythmic experiences that invite everyone to enjoy and live the moment with intensity.

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