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Pro Taxi dancer 

Martin (Argentina)

Martu Salem is the nickname of this enigmatic Argentine tanguero whose real name is unknown.

Professional milonguero, teacher, dancer and musician with more than 15 years of experience in the Buenos Aires tango scene. Martu has trained with many of the greatest Masters of Argentine Tango such as Graciela González, Javier Rodríguez, Gabriel Misse and Federico Naveira among many others, however he confesses that his greatest Master has been the milonga.

His sign is Leo and his ascendant is Aquarius.

In the last 8 years, he has taught classes and workshops in Argentina, the US and Europe, transmitting the cultural legacy of his country. Martu believes in love without possession and that time heals everything.

Joel (Mex)

-Finalist in the International Tango Open (Tango chilango 2017)
-1st Place in the International Tango Open (Tango Chilango 2018)

-Finalist in the Bajio tango Championship 2018 (LeonGuanajuato)

-Exhibition at the Tango Maya Festival 2018
-3rd League in the 2019 Tango Bajio Championship
-5 to Place in the official Sub-site of Caribbean tango 2019

- Runner-up of the Tango Bajio 2022 championship

Ivan (Mex)

Dancer and Tango teacher, scholar of the technique of Tango Pista and Tango Escenario.

Exhibitions for shows in International Festivals, Theaters, Milongas in different spaces in Mexico and Colombia. 

Shared stage with important orchestras and renowned dancers inside and outside of Mexico. 

Classes taught at International Festivals. 

Outstanding participations in Tango Pista, Tango Escenario, Milonga and Waltz Competitions in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. Winner of the Virtual World Championship of Tango Art Cluster Stage 2020.

Chema (Mex)

In 2008 he began to take classes in the north of Mexico City where he organized his first milonga, and began to develop as a musician.

He has traveled through Mexico sharing what he has learned with different teachers from Mexico and Argentina, as well as his musical style 

In 2015 he began working with the La Dulzura Tango Club label.

During the confinement, he organizes the #coronachallenge, a world of musicians reaching most of the tango cities in Europe and America, especially Colombia.

He currently resides in San Miguel de Allende where he organizes a weekly practice and musicalizes milongas in central Mexico.

It stands out for its way of setting music, including proposals from new orchestras and most importantly from classical orchestras.


Tango dancer, teacher, in Monterrey, Mexico.

He started dancing stage tango in 2005 and then shifted to tango salon. His training has been both in Mexico and Buenos Aires with some of the best known dancers and teachers.

In Monterrey, he has organized workshops, milongas and performances with international tango dancers and teachers since 2007 and has been organizer of milonga Cuartito Azul since 2013. He has been teaching regular classes and workshops nationwide since 2010.

At the milonga, he's not looking to make a complex dancing. Instead, he likes to find fun in musicality creating a sweet dialogue with his dancing partner within a good embrace. He will be more than glad to meet you and dance some tandas


- Champion of the Tango Regio Festival Championship in 2018

- Finalist at the Bajio Tango Championship in 2019 (Leon, Mx)

- 3rd place at the Bajio Tango Championship in 2022 (Leon, Mx)

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